Will my child be competitive in high school applications?

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Foothill has nearly 70 years of experience, a well-established reputation, and great relationships with many independent and public high schools. In fact, last year our students were accepted into more than 20 high schools across the state and nation. Our closest high school partners are looking forward to adding Foothill Digital students to their admissions pools.    

Families often consider private or independent high school options for their students. Private and independent high schools across the country require the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) for applicants. Beginning in 6th grade, Foothill Digital students will receive weekly instruction using Princeton Review's ISEE preparatory curricullum to ensure our students receive early and regular practice with this common standardized entrance examination. 

All students in Foothill Digital receive support in applying to the high schools of their choice. In addition, all Foothill Digital students will receive one-on-one assistance in compiling a portfolio of their work to present to high schools.