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Student Success: Annabelle Ascends Golf Tours (click to read more)

Foothill students are often successful at many things outside of their school work.  Annabelle C. (8th) is not exception. While engaging in distance learning at Foothill, Annabelle has been conquering the links.  

Toyota Tour Cup
In July, Annabelle qualified for the Toyota Tour Cup 2020-2021, the highest level of junior golf in Southern California.  Annabelle was the youngest qualified in the limited top 7 spots out of 64 players and she gained eligibility to play in this tour among all the high school girls. 

FCG Callaway World Junior Golf Championship
Annabelle placed 3rd in one of the most recognized world championships in junior golf. 

IMG Junior World 2021
In October, Annabelle qualifed for the 2021 Junior World Championship!  This is the most esteemed and most difficult tournament to qualify for.  She qualified in the one spot qualifier after a 4 hole playoff in San Diego. 

Go Falcons!