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Student Council Takes the Lead (click for more)

Student Council leaders for the 2019 - 2020 school year are already working hard to plan the year's events.  Foothill believes in nurturing leadership early with students from grades 4 - 8 involved.  Student Council Officers were elected at the end of last school year.  They are (pictured left to right) Vice President Margaret Z. (8th), Secretary Lucy G. (7th), Treasurer Cooper R.(6th), and President Ray K. (8th). 

They are joined by newly elected representatives from grades 4 - 8).   They are:

8th grade:  Mirabel R. and Jonathan R. 
7th grade: Saira R. and Naomi C. 
6th grade: Taara R. and Arian T. 
5th grade: Michelle P. and Landen W. 
4th grade: Aidan K. and Siana K.