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Debate Team Tops 30 Schools in OC League (CLICK FOR FULL RESULTS)

Debate Team Tops 30 Schools

Falcon debaters won 1
st place at our tournament on Saturday! This was a particularly large event, with 320 debaters and 30 teams attending. Foothill brought our Advanced Team of 18 debaters; 6 teams of 3. They debate in 4 rounds each, with topics like "Washington D.C. should be the 51st state", "Qualified Immunity for police should be abolished" and "Practice makes perfect" (the last being improv with no research allowed). The cuties were for good luck!
At the end of the day, Foothill won the top prize of of the day, FIRST PLACE SCHOOL. That means that as a full squad we collectively had the most round wins. Each of our 6 teams contributed to this trophy - it is a signal of a school's depth vs. having just a few accomplished debaters. We won over other top "debate" schools like Fairmont and Pegasus.
There were plenty of other medals and trophies as well:  
Top Speakers (out of 320 individual debaters)
21st Andrew N. 
19th Michelle P.
17th Sarah R.
12th Jonathan L
Distinguished Speakers (alphabetical, and the next tier of awards): Clive C., Iris C., and Vivash R.
Top 3-person Teams (out of 106 teams)
19th Ishaana A., Andrew N., Sakeena H.   
15th Kaia Y., Iris C., Mia L. 
7th Michelle P., Miranda L, Clive C
Distinguished team (alphabetical, and the next tier of awards): Sarah R., Jacob C., Jonathan L. 
Big thanks to our coaches Zareen Ahmed and Kyle Brodie, along with this week's parent volunteer judges: Dr. Lisa Richey, Dr. Albert Yee, and Dr. Seth Cohen.