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Math Team Conquers at Damien HS Competition (CLICK FOR FULL RESULTS)

Foothill Math Team Conquers the Damien High School Math Competition

Eleven schools entered 36 teams (4 students per team) and 145 students participated in the 11th Annual Damien High School Math Contest for 7th and 8th graders on Saturday March 18, 2023.
Foothill entered 6 teams (24 students) and our Falcons walked away feeling excitement and pride with 17 individual awards and 4 team trophies! That's an all time record of wins for Foothill! Some brave 6th graders joined in to compete against the 7th  and 8th graders.
Congratulations to all our "Mathemagicians", and especially to these individuals who brought trophies and medals home:

In 8th grade logic  Albert L. placed 4th and Avery M. 5th.

In 8th grade geometry, Aidan F. placed 2nd, Maggie C. 3rd , and Liad G. 7th.

In the 8th grade math medley, Avery M.placed 1st and won a scholarship for St.Lucy's Priory High School.
In 7th grade geometry, Aarav G. placed 4th, Jenay H. placed 6th, Sunny M. 7th.

In 7th grade algebra, Harry C. placed 2nd, Rahman S. 4th, Jamie Z. 7th.

In 7th grade arithmetic, Selina L. placed 1st, Ryan E. 2nd, Matteo M. 4th. 

In 7th grade logic, Oliver R. placed 1st, and Cayden W. placed 2nd.
Team Trophies
There were 4 first place team trophies at stake all day and Foothill Country Day School won 3 of them!
Our 6th graders Simon L., Julie Z., Kevin W., and Sunny M. "played up" and placed 3rd overall against all the 7th grade teams.
Matteo M., Cayden W., Rahman S., and Aarav G. won 1st place in the 7th grade team Quiz Bowl contest in front of a large audience. Matteo, Cayden, Rahman and Aarav also placed 1st as the overall best team in 7th grade. 
Albert L., Harry C., Ryan E., and Jenay H.(an interesting and strategic mix of 6th, 7th and 8th graders) won the top prize of overall best 8th grade team at the contest. They were the best team out of 36 teams at Damien High School!
Our School congratulates not only our students, but their coaches, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Shah, along with all the teachers these students have learned from through the years