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Debate Team Takes 2nd in Largest Tournament Yet (CLICK TO READ MORE)

In our largest competition yet, the Foothill debaters contibuted as a team the bring home the 2nd place School Award for the most wins.  The December 11 tournament hosted 16 schools and 260 middle school competitors. 

Foothill brought home trophies in the following categories: 

Top 3 Person Teams (out of 85)
20th  Ben M., Brianna S., Simon X. 
16th Kate S., Naomi C, Freya F.
5th Andrew N., Tavish B., Miranda L. 

Distinguished Speakers (no order) 
Freya F., Jonathan L., Iris C., Michelle Pl, Nakai M., Naomi C., Ishaana A.  

Top Speakers (out of 260)
17th Brianna S. 
12th Simon X. 

Coaches Zareen Ahmed and Kyle Brodie led our students through the topics for this tournament: "Electric vehicles do more good than harm," Term limits should be imposed on members of Congress," and "Celebrities are good role models." 

There is no debate that our volunteer judges are fantastic and without them we could not compete.  Thank you to Bryan Stodghill (Brianna, 8th) Lisa Richey (Sarah, 6th), Siera Panhwar (Rahim and Rahman, 6th), Saru Hwayire (Nakai, 8th), Bridget Brodie (`19), Mirabel Raphael (`20) and Crystal Widado.