• Our entire Foothill Country Day School community is back on campus and we are committed to staying healthy! To read about how we successfully managed distance and in-person learning during the 2020-2022 school years, and to hear the experiences from our parents and students during that challenging time, please READ HERE

    To girls holding hands  with masks onFoothill is a Healthy Community: Our COVID Response Plan for 2022-2023 

    Public health regulations for COVID-19 are changing frequently, and we expect to once again respond with safety in mind. Our goal is to operate a safe teaching and learning environment and successfully manage school life, so your child can attend in-person every day of the school year. When cases occur, we follow our practiced regimen of timely communication to families, selective rapid-testing of impacted students and employees, and allowing students and employees to attend school provided they are asymptomatic and continue to test negative. 

    We follow Los Angeles County Public Health  guidelines for schools and adjust our safety protocols as circumstances in the Foothill community dictate and public health allows. Our layered safety approach includes: 

    • Families:  Families are our first line of defense against COVID and illness. Please do not send your child to school if they are experiencing symptoms or aren't feeling well.  If your child does test positive for COVID, please contact the Main Office so we can communicate quickly with impacted families and initiate our testing procedure at school. 
    • Vaccines:  Our strongest encouragement is for every age-eligible student to get vaccinated before school begins. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are authorized for children as young as 6 months. 
    • Masking: At this time, masking is optional on our campus. Depending on the number of cases at any given time, we may require masking--even if Public Health agencies do not -- in response to infection/transmission rates on Foothill's campus.
    • Testing: All families should rapid test their students 24 hours prior to returning from long breaks, especially when travel is involved.  Foothill provides weekly voluntary PCR testing for all employees. When we have cases among students and employees, we may initiate our rapid-test protocols on-site for students and staff. Students who are in our testing protocol,remain asymptomatic, and test negative are allowed to attend school.
    • Cleanliness: Our campus has extensive ventilation upgrades including frequently changed MERV 13 air filters, handwashing stations throughout campus and daily cleaning and disinfecting of classroom spaces.  

    girl doing an experiment Stay Healthy and Plan Ahead!  

    Please plan to keep your child home when they are sick. Children who show evidence of COVID-19 symptoms or whose temperature measures 100 degrees fahrenheit or higher will be safely cared for by our school nurse in a private space while parents are called for immediate pick-up.

    Please make sure to update the School with your most recent emergency information, and include other adults who may be allowed to pick your child up in case of illness or school closure. This can be done on PowerSchool for Kindergarten - grade 8 families, and on ProCare for Seedling families. 

    In the case of a significant outbreak, Foothill is prepared to "toggle" to distance learning for grades Kindergarten - 8. Of course, we hope that every member of our community stays healthy and this will be unnecessary, but we are prepared, just in case! Foothill is ready to make the transition within 2 days to ensure a minimum of disruption to your student's learning. If asked to toggle out, Kindergarten - Grade 8 families will be notified by text and email. You will be able to access your student's classes on Schoology.  

    Please plan for day care and supervision for learning at home on short notice. We know these responses to illness have a big impact on families and we don't take them lightly. It will be easier if you have a family plan.    

    We are Here for You 

    School Nurse: 
    Tyler Sheppard
    (909)626-5681 ext. 153

    Foothill Main Office during business hours: (909)626-5681
    Seedling School Office during business hours: (909)445-1235