The Seedling Fund

  • “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Maya Angelou


    The annual Seedling Fund drive is an important part of every independent school. The cost to have a wonderful facility, qualified staff, and enriching program is high. The Seedling School strives to offer the best education possible for young children and our Seedling Fund helps to offset some of the related costs not covered by tuition. We are committed to our motto, “The hope of the harvest is in the seed.”

    A gift to our Seedling Fund is a great way to demonstrate a families commitment to The Seedling School. Our goal is 100% parent participation. The level of participation is critically evaluated and used as a measurement of parental support in grant applications. Seedling Fund donations, regardless of the amount, sends a clear message to foundations and other outside funding sources that families are 100% behind The Seedling School’s effort to provide the most enriching program possible for your child.




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