Physical Education and Wellness

  • Mission Statement

    We focus on helping each child learn how to be a team player who is strong, healthy, confident and mind-body aware.

    Foothill Country Day School has established an innovative and well-rounded curriculum which creatively encompasses all aspects of health including: physical, mental, emotional and inner-awareness. We will integrate a variety of exercise options including: individual and team sports, yoga, dance and rhythm, and archery.

    We will promote healthy competition and cooperation, along with physical coordination and locomotion skills. We develop a child’s positive attitude towards physical education and wellness so they understand the importance, and continue to make healthy lifestyle choices as they move on to adulthood.

    K-5 Program Overview

    Students in kindergarten through fifth grade learn motor skill development, body awareness, sportsmanship and game play. Through active participation in specific sports, students learn the idea of building a community and working together as a team. Students in kindergarten through third grade receive health and nutrition as well as growth and development in fourth and fifth grade. Here at Foothill Country Day School, we believe four simple things…”play hard, play fair, play safe and have fun!”

    6-8 Program Overview

    Physical Education and Wellness in grades 6-8 is offered for 80 minutes, three times per week.  These longer block sessions allow us to play full games and master new skills needed to succeed in life and athletics. Students will practice juggling skills in each class (great for eye-hand coordination!) and will learn sports including volleyball, bocce ball, flag football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, golf, basketball, archery, paddle tennis, track & field, soccer, and cross country. 

    Upper School students have the opportunity to compete in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment through afterschool sports in our Co-Curricular programs.  For those who have a winning spirit, competitive sports teams include Cross Country, Volleyball, Football, Archery, Basketball, Track, and Soccer.