Seedling School


  • As a private preschool in the city of Claremont, we offer small class sizes and individual student learning plans.  We are a traditional preschool and we work hard to educate your child in today’s day and age.  We offer library science, technology, core values, and challenging curricula to engage your child with a love for lifelong learning.  We recognize that COVID-19 has changed some things about how we deliver our program, but our values and quality of education are the same.    

    At The Seedling School, children engage in the search for answers and are encouraged through their questioning to imagine what is possible. Students gain experiences and skills that help them pose meaningful questions about themselves, their relationships, their communities, and life.  

    If you were to walk onto our beautiful quaint campus, you would see children who are  full of wonder and inquisitiveness in a great learning environment. You would see collaboration between students and teachers in a safe, but intimate classroom setting.   

    The Seedling School  teachers challenge students to be creative, idealistic, and practical both in the classroom and out in the community. The Seedling School students actively participate in community service projects in Claremont and local communities. Curricula and activities are often specific to the particular attributes of the school and its surroundings. Teachers integrate subject matter and themes to help students explore math, science, cultures, and character building.  Recognizing connections between home and school, self and community, helps students see the relevance of the material they study and empowers them to understand and develop those important core values.  We talk about those important core values during our Chapel discussions twice a week. We find it important to take care of people, take care of things, take care of the environment, and seek to make the community a better place for all The Seedling children and their school community. 

    I encourage you to make an appointment to visit The Seedling School and explore a great learning environment for your child.  


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    Hytosha Hodges-McDaniels 
    Director, The Seedling School

Hytosha McDaniels - Director