Lower School Overview

  • Foothill’s Lower School provides a nurturing, developmentally appropriate, and exciting learning environment. Our focus is on helping children love school by engaging their capacity to wonder, think, and do good. Teachers work in teams to provide a cohesive and engaging academic and social emotional experience for the children. Specialists offer instruction in science, music, physical education and wellness, technology, library skills, and Spanish one to three times per week depending on the students’ grade level.

    Through a wide array of extracurricular experiences, children explore the visual, performing, and musical arts, community outreach, and outdoor education. Ample recess and lunch time offer children the benefits of unstructured play and opportunities to strengthen important social skills.  

    Public speaking is a key experience in a Foothill education.Opportunities for children to develop confidence in this skill include daily speeches in Community meeting, poetry recitation and oral reports, and performing in main stage productions. Caring, experienced teachers create a safe environment that emphasizes the dignity and worth of every individual and encourages children to aspire to be the best version of themselves in the classroom and on the playground. Our greater concern is that children be given opportunities to act with respect, honesty, and empathy toward others.