Board of Trustees
  • Foothill Country Day School, an incorporated not-for-profit institution, is governed by a Board of Trustees. As a governing body, the Board’s primary purposes are to establish the School’s mission; ensure the School has adequate financial resources to support the mission; hire the Head of School to oversee all financial, personnel, and curriculum responsibilities, and evaluate his or her performance annually; and, ensure the long-term fiscal health and sustainability of the School by acting as a strategic planning entity. 

    Foothill’s Board is self-perpetuating.Trustees serve 3-year terms and are selected after a lengthy process developed and led by the Governance Committee of the Board. Criteria for becoming a member of the Board of Trustees include the Board’s need for particular skill sets among its members, the commitment to provide financial support annually, and a willingness to contribute generously of time and other resources to the benefit of the School. Each year, Foothill holds its Annual Meeting, where the Board and Head of School report on the state of the School. It is at this meeting where the slate of incoming Trustees is presented for approval for the following school year.

    For a list of the current Trustees, please click the directory page to the left.