Parent Partnership

Asian girl sitting at a computer being helped by her father
  • Foothill Country Day School has been a family school since its founding in 1954. We know you want the very best education for your child, and we welcome parents to help us make that happen. Foothill Digital carries that value forward into the online space.  

    At the Upper School grades, you will find that your child is learning to be more independent and capable of managing most of their school life. You will not need to provide instruction to your student in Foothill Digital (this is not distance learning or homeschooling) but there are meaningful ways that you can partner with us to snsure your child succeeds. 

    Creating a Successful Home Learning Environment

    • Provide a physical learning space that allows your child to have uninterrupted meetings with teachers
    • Provide a stable, high-speed Wi-Fi connection
    • Provide the hardware needed: a reliable computer (no older than 5 years, Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.14 or later), speakers, headphones/earbuds, keyboard/mouse, webcam and microphone
    • Install free software: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Zoom, and optionally, Microsoft Office. Students will be provided with an Office 365 account.
    • Prioritize your child's education as you manage their other activities.  We encourage our students to explore their world through travel, family activities, sports, art, and community service. Parents can help us by making sure your child is online and available for their scheduled classes and appointments and that they have time during the rest of the week to complete their assignments.
    • Occasionally, your project will be assigned (or will choose to do) a project that requires supplies. Please be prepared to provide these items.  

    Communication With Your Child's Teachers 

    Our teachers are available at any time! They are just an email away and they will get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Conferences Parent conferences are scheduled in October and April of each school year, and written report cards are distributed on the same schedule as all Foothill Country Day School programs.  

    Learning Success CoachFoothill Digital students are assigned to a Learning Success Coach, a Foothill Digital faculty member who serves as a resource for both families and students. They are responsible for guiding your student's experience and providing support with all aspects of Foothill Digital. Students meet formally with their Learning Success Coach twice a month; parents will meet with the Coach once a month for updates on student growth and progress, but other meetings may be requested by your child's teachers. Please schedule these at your convenience.