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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Give?  Because Your Philanthropy Plays an Important Role!

    Why is my gift important?

    Your annual gift to The Foothill Fund provides vital and essential support to the School. Like other independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Foothill education for your student. Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact on every student!

    How is my money spent?

    Your gift is put to immediate use to benefit our students and teachers:

    • Curriculum, technology, and all educational priorities
    • Field trips, library books, and classroom supplies
    • Foothill and Seedling traditions such as Holiday Sing, International Day, Grandparents Day, Field Day… and more!

    Who gives to the Foothill Fund?

    Everyone! We count on philanthropic contributions from parents, grandparents, alumni and their families, as well as corporations and foundations, to meet the full cost of educating a student as well as strategic needs. You are all stakeholders in this great community!

    Why is 100% participation important?

    Every gift counts since many corporations and foundations consider parent participation percentages as they make decisions on grants. 

    What about The Seedling School?  Do they benefit from the Foothill Fund? 

    Yes! The Seedling School is a part of Foothill Country Day School. We hope that Seedling families will participate in annual giving, just as the Kindergarten - 8th families do. Gifts from Seedling parents will directly benefit Seedling programs in the current school year.    

    Did you know your annual gift translates into daily impact?

    A strong Foothill Fund ensures we can deliver the educational experience you expect for your child. From classroom supplies to soccer nets, author visits and art materials, from small classes to a safe and secure facility— your support benefits our students and teachers every day. 

    When is the Foothill Fund campaign?

    The Foothill Fund runs from the beginning to the end of the school year. The big push is in the fall (Oct-Dec) so that families can take advantage of year-end tax deductions. However, you have the option of making your gift by July 31, 2023. Any and all charitable gifts made in a calendar year (tax year) are eligible for deductions to the extent of the law; please consult your tax advisor.

    What is the tuition gap? 

    The tuition gap per student is approximately $3,000. It's the difference between tuition revenues and the total cost of educating a student at Foothill. This gap is met by donations, endowment earnings, and investment income.

    How much should I give?

    Please give the amount that you are comfortable with—the gift that is right for you is the gift that is right for us. All donations of any size are gratefully received and acknowledged. Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact!

    Can I make a gift of stock?

    Yes, you can. By making a gift using appreciated securities — stock, bonds or mutual funds — you can avoid capital gains taxes and take an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the shares given to Foothill. It’s important to follow the IRS rules to benefit from these generous tax savings.

    • Use stocks, bonds or mutual funds that you’ve owned for at least one year and have appreciated in value
    • Transfer the appreciated securities directly to Foothill – don’t sell them; you avoid paying tax on the capital gain when you give the shares to a non-profit charitable organization
    • FCDS, in turn, will sell the shares and no taxes will be due on the gain because 501(c)(3) charities like FCDS are tax-exempt
    • You can take an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the shares transferred, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income
    • You can carry forward any unused deduction for an additional five years

    How do I make a gift of stock?

    Below are the instructions that you will need to provide to your broker:

    DTC #8420/The Bank of New York Mellon, National Association (BNY Mellon, N.A.)
    Account Name/Registration: Foothill Country Day School
    Account Number: UPL301423
    Institutional ID Number/Agent Bank Number: 69595

    What is The 1954 Society?

    The 1954 Society, named after the year of our founding, recognizes leadership in philanthropy at Foothill. All donors who make a gift of $1,954 or above are honored as members of The 1954 Society. Additionally, the Benefactors Circle recognizes donors at $5,000-$9.999 level and the Visionary Circle recognizes donors who contribute at $10,000 or above.

    What if I made a gift last spring?

    Annual funds run from school year to school year, similar to fiscal years. At Foothill, it runs from August 1 through July 31. Families can make their annual fund gift anytime during that time but we encourage gifts in the fall (Oct-Dec) for two reasons: first, we don’t want to be asking for annual fund gifts all year, and second, we want to encourage families to make their gifts by the end of the calendar year for tax purposes.

    The tax year runs with the calendar year, so any gifts made in 2022 can be part of 2023 tax filings.  So, if you make a Spring Benefit contribution in the spring and then make an annual fund gift in the fall, you can count both of those gifts in your following year's tax filings.

    By supporting the Foothill Fund, parents and families have a direct and immediate impact on their children’s experience during their time at Foothill Country Day School.