girl holding a bubble

Second and Third Grade

  • In 2nd and 3rd grade, the curriculum is designed to excite, engage, and challenge each young mind. Instruction builds upon the content, experiences, and skills acquired in kindergarten and first grade. Teachers foster a sense of growing independence in students and challenge them to learn through inquiry, discussion, and reflection.

    Reading instruction uses a combination of phonics and whole language methods in small group and whole-class instruction to address the needs of children who are approaching or are at an independent reading level.  Grammar and vocabulary instruction is integrated with the reading and writing curriculum. Children receive direct instruction in cursive handwriting in an effort to strengthen fine motor skills, focus, and cognitive functioning. 

    Singapore Math instruction emphasizes and supports a deep understanding of critical concepts through hands-on learning activities and strategic practice of computation and analysis.

    By 3rd grade, students are guided and encouraged to demonstrate more responsibility for their learning as they develop stronger organization and planning skills within the structure of homerooms.