Board of Trustees
  • Foothill Country Day School, an incorporated not-for-profit institution, is governed by a Board of Trustees. As a governing body, the Board’s primary purposes are to establish the School’s mission; ensure the School has adequate financial resources to support the mission; hire the Head of School to oversee all financial, personnel, and curriculum responsibilities, and evaluate his or her performance annually; and, ensure the long-term fiscal health and sustainability of the School by acting as a strategic planning entity. 

    Foothill’s Board is self-perpetuating. Trustees serve 3-year terms and are selected after a lengthy process developed and led by the Governance Committee of the Board. Criteria for becoming a member of the Board of Trustees include the Board’s need for particular skill sets among its members, the commitment to provide financial support annually, and a willingness to contribute generously of time and other resources to the benefit of the School. Each year, Foothill holds its Annual Meeting, where the Board and Head of School report on the state of the School. It is at this meeting where the slate of incoming Trustees is presented for approval for the following school year.

    2024-2025 Board of Trustees 

  • Riley Lewis `03

    Valerie Newcomb 

    Angela Cheng

    Michael Hoe 

    John Harpole 

    Omrana Ahmed

    Dr. Peter Fedorka

    Eric Lau

    Eddie Tsai 

  • Christine Delgado, Chair 

    Sandy Kaushal

    Preveena Jeereddi

    Michael Silva, Head of School

    Meera Kanani

    Matthew Weis `84

    Neetu Bhagat 

    Jeff Stark `76

    Tamara Venit Shelton

  • Board Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

    Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are integral to and embedded in the work of the Board of Trustees at Foothill Country Day School (FCDS). The Board is dedicated to working in a way that champions DEIB because it cultivates a safe, nurturing, and inclusive community, emboldens intellectual inquiry, promotes integrity, and galvanizes service others -- all core values that support the FCDS Mission in a way that is intentional and enduring. 

    Intellectual inquiry, academic excellence, integrity, and service to others are wholly enhanced in the presence of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). We cultivate success in DEIB by embedding it in our committee goals and overall governance of the School. 

    As a Board we seek to: 

    • Actively and intentionally strive to ensure that diverse expertise, experiences, identities, and perspectives are represented on the Board of Trustees at Foothill Country Day School
    • Ensure that purposeful DEIB work is fully integrated in committee goals and action items
    • Encourage and participate in consistent, board-wide education in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging that expand understanding and broaden perspectives 
    • Be active ambassadors at School events in order to strengthen our capacity for inclusivity and belonging
    • Ensure that the School has sufficient resources and funding devoted to DEIB through the annual budgeting process and institutional advancement/stewardship.