Class of 2018

Eighth Grade

  • Students in 8th grade have reached their final year at Foothill and proudly represent a nine-year journey (K-8) that stresses academic excellence with a greater concern for whom the child is becoming.  Students open the year with camping in Yosemite National Park and enjoy a culminating trip in Joshua Tree National Park in the spring that celebrates their journey at Foothill and successful preparation for the opportunities in high school and beyond.

    • The language arts curriculum continues to develop their writing and thinking skills while anticipating the rigor and expectations of high school English and literature. Students continue to cultivate their literary analysis skills through a wide-range of works, such as Animal Farm, A Raisin in the Sun, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Night, and Julius Caesar.
    • In history, the students examine the arc of development of the United States as it grows from a young nation into a complex economic and world power. Students examine the economic, political, social, geographical, and cultural threads of each time period from the Civil War to the early 21st
    • The Upper School mathematics program builds upon the foundation students gained in Singapore Math in grades K-5 and is focused on preparation for the rigor of high school mathematics. Our carefully sequenced 3-year program (grades 6-8) integrates number, algebra, geometry, and statistics into progressively more challenging learning experiences that enable students to understand the relationships among different aspects of mathematics and apply them successfully.
    • Physical science is laboratory-based and focuses on experimental design and the active development of research skills within a collaborative group setting.  Students will come away with a thorough understanding of how to apply the principles of science to understand the world around them.