Sixth Grade

  • The 6th grade is a time of transition and growth as students develop strong skills of organization and time management while being nurtured as emerging independent individuals and thinkers.  Field trips and an annual outdoor education trip to the Pali Institute provide 6th graders with opportunities to extend learning and challenge themselves beyond the classroom.

    • English focuses on the study of literature, writing, and grammar. Emphasis is placed on building skills of written expression, longer composition pieces, and intensive application of grammar and punctuation. Students explore the elements of literature as they read Freak the Mighty, The Giver, and The Shakespeare Stealer. 
    • 6th grade history explores civilizations from the fall of the Roman Empire to the European feudal system to the roots of Islam to cultures of Africa and Asia.
    • Mathematics instruction focuses on pre-algebra and the continued development of problem-solving skills.
    • Students enjoy earth science instruction in a well-appointed lab classroom as they learn about topics range from weather and climate to the fundamentals of earth science.