The Arts

  • The Arts Program enjoys a long and rich history at Foothill Country Day School with dedicated music, visual art, and performance space facilities providing an engaging arts experience.

    Kindergarten through 5th grade students receive weekly instruction in visual and vocal arts, and every student has the opportunity to perform in a play each year. Beginning in 3rd grade, students can also join the Foothill Orchestra as an after school program. 

    Upper School students explore the arts twice a week in the Elective Arts Block in which they can select their own arts-related classes from a slate of different electives. Classes offered include filmmaking, ceramics, music technology, creative robotics, stagecraft and robotics. 

    Rising 6th-8th grade students are required to take each of the following courses at least once during their 3 years in Foothill’s Arts Electives Program:

    • Visual Arts Course
    • Theatre Arts Course
    • Experimental Arts Course
    • Music Course

    These courses provide additional outlets for individual expression and intellectual development for our students, and align with Foothill’s desire to better meet the developmental needs of adolescents by ensuring choice and exploration of their interests.

    In addition to school day electives, Upper School students may also elect to join Foothill's troupe of the National Jr. Thespian Society as a co-curricular activity. Membership in Jr. Thespians affords allows for both performing and backstage work in the Upper School play.   

    Each spring, Foothill hosts its Annual Art Walk, where the campus becomes a living museum featuring student art and “tour groups” are led by student docents.