Library and Technology

The technology program at Foothill is designed to educate students in becoming effective and ethical technology learners, using existing and emerging technology tools.  The School has a technology lab adjacent to the Library and both rooms house desktop computers for student and faculty use.  In addition, there are over 50 iPads and 40 MacBooks for classroom use.  Teachers utilize Smartboards, multi-media presentations, and educational software on a daily basis, at all grade levels.  Creativity, innovation and “design thinking” are encouraged.  Foothill’s goal is to enable students to become meaningful “digital citizens” in our information society.

The Betty Webb Library is Foothill’s community center.  Foothill’s Founder Howell Webb once said that “Every student should have a library book in his or her possession at all times,” and that philosophy has been a key part of the School’s culture from the beginning.
The Library is home to over 32,000 volumes that are checked out on a daily basis with state-of-the-art circulation software.  The Library building, and especially the Canary Room, provides a serene and nurturing environment to encourage the love of reading in our students.
Our librarian is very involved in matching children’s needs with the books they enjoy.  She also oversees computerized assessments such as Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math.  The Library is also used to host special events throughout the year, such as campus visits and book signings from best-selling authors.

1035 W. Harrison Avenue
Claremont, California 91711
Phone: 909-626-5681
Fax: 909-625-4251

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