Founding Statement and Philosophy

We sought to establish a school in which our students would find stimulation and excitement in learning and would be challenged to put forth their best efforts.  But even greater than our concern for academics has been our determination to do an old-fashioned thing, to build character in our children—to stress honesty, courtesy, responsibility, and a concern for others.   

When Howell Webb established Foothill Country Day School in 1954, his Founding Statement defined the purpose and values of the school. It serves as the foundation for our learning environment, where our greater concern--the moral development of children--is pursued within a community of shared values and traditions.


Learning Environment

  • We are committed to creating and sustaining a teaching and learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe for children and adults.
  • We believe the pursuit of academic excellence is consistent with our values, and that strength of character distinguishes a child more significantly than academic achievement.
  • We believe that children learn best when we engage their natural curiosity, spark their imagination, and challenge their intellect.
  • We support a developmentally appropriate curriculum that provides a range of learning experiences and opportunities for success.
  • We believe the natural environment, the arts, athletic activities, and service to others provide essential opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • We encourage children to take risks and to view setbacks as part of the process of discovery, learning, and growth.
  • We believe moral fortitude, a sense of responsibility, critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and the ability to work collaboratively with others are essential to a successful life of purpose.
  • We believe children develop a sense of responsibility when they are expected to follow through on their obligations and are held accountable for their actions.

Shared Values and Shared Purpose in a Family School

  • We believe parents and children share the school’s founding principle of concern for others and that they are therefore responsible for contributing to a physically and emotionally safe school community.
  • We value school traditions that embody our core values and that serve as vehicles to transmit those values from one generation to another.
  • We view families as partners in their children’s education and seek to engage them collaboratively in the life of the school.
  • We believe that nurturing self-respect leads to respect for others.
  • We believe that small class sizes allow teachers to know each child and enable each child to thrive.
  • We believe that our school values and traditions such as daily chapel, celebrations, and all-school activities can best be realized in a diverse community that embraces a broad range of cultural perspectives.
  • We believe change must be embraced and that we must adapt to new understandings about teaching and learning, while remaining true to the principles of our founding statement.

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