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Financial Aid

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

A: Visit our Financial Aid page for information and application instructions.

Q: What factors are considered in determining the amount of assistance that will be offered to families?

A: All of FCDS’s financial aid awards are based strictly on demonstrated need. Priority is given to current families. FCDS does not give scholarships for special talents or academic merit. Although family income level is a significant consideration, many other factors are considered in the decision-making process. These factors include, but are not limited to: the number of children attending schools for which tuition is paid, other family dependents, assets and liabilities, unusual expenses, etc. The school will learn of these special considerations from the information provided on the financial aid application and on any other supplemental information that families provide.

Q: What is the typical amount of a financial aid award?

A: There is no typical award amount, as families are evaluated individually. FCDS exercises caution so that it does not commit an unreasonably large portion of its limited financial aid resources to a single family where multiple children are enrolled at FCDS. It is assumed that family resources will be used to the maximum extent possible.

Q: We have children in college or in other private schools for whom we are paying tuition. How much consideration does the school give to that?

A: FCDS does give consideration to other tuitions being paid by a family, but only to the extent equal to FCDS’s tuition.

Q: What if I am separated or divorced?

A: While FCDS recognizes the challenges involved in these situations, it is expected that all family resources will be committed to the child’s education. Both custodial and non-custodial parents are required to complete financial aid applications and submit all necessary documentations.

Q: What if I have remarried or there are other adults living in the household?

A: Resources of stepparents or other adults living in the household will be considered. Financial information will be required from all parties that contribute to the maintenance of the household.

Q: I am a stay-at-home parent. Will that affect the amount of assistance my family may receive?

A: When a parent does not work outside the home, and there are no preschool children requiring care in the household (or home), FCDS will assign an annual income to the non-working parent.

Q: Will my records be confidential?

A: The financial aid committee, composed of senior administrators, maintains strict confidentiality over financial aid files. Only those who are directly involved in the decision-making and administration of financial aid have access to the information. Confidentiality is required of all aid recipient families, as well.

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